Blue Dream...

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Before you begin reading. PRESS PLAY.. set the vibe

The Ocean is literally my peace. From the intensity of the crashing waves to the serenity bought with the silence of the current shifting in each direction. Literally my ‘Blue Dream,’ it’s easy for me to get lost in the notes whispered in my ears by the ocean… Here I find comfort, Here I feel at home.

The more time I had to think about the words said to me, the more I came to realize that I needed to start my inner healing work… I spent Saturday & Sunday soul searching literally. I know a lot of people aren’t really fans of astrology, the zodiac signs, and all that. BUT, I myself am I believer. I used to be so closed minded to so many things, tarot reading (I literally thought it was some type of devil work or something lol), manifesting things we want, zodiac signs, alla that shit. In reality, these are all messages received from the Universe & Source (for those who are uncomfy, Source is another term for God, or whoever you believe in). Back to the point, I am a Scorpio, Cancer Moon (my birth chart is ALOT of water signs). Scorpio’s and Cancer’s are water signs and 9/10 majority of us thrive by, in or near bodies of water. So you can only imagine where my heart was the entire trip. I literally spent everyday by or in the ocean.

who can I be??

Nature heals and I am always in a comfortable space when I am near water. I had the opportunity to have a one-on-one with Sanaa, to note: it literally just felt like our interactions the entire trip. Just genuine convo, only this time she read me a tad more and dropped more gems lol. I’m going to keep this post short & sweet only because I need to act more on my intent of healing, which means I need to practice my boundaries and honoring the space I built on the retreat. The main things that stuck with me were simple, yet so thought provoking. I’ll share the top 3:

First things first, she read me. lol. “You got too much going on”. If you have ever met someone who holds a special power, such as clairvoyant, clairsentience, empath, prophet, etc… you just know. You can feel their energy, the same way they can yours. Mind you, she knows me from only IG interactions and her webinars. So for her to read my energy, feel my emotions'/traumas, my situation and then speak over me was humbling. Everything she said was legit spot on. All I could do was say, “yup. you right.” If you ever have the opportunity to meet someone with a power as such, do not judge them or move in fear… simply be open to the interaction (of course if they ask for your permission). I always look at it as the spirits or Source’s way of communicating with us in human form.

From left to right: Front Row - Dee Dee, Mel no B, MEEE, Sanaa, C, Britt, Kleo, Niah. Back row - April, Chief Che, Bran Bran, Selena, Jé, Sadé, Chanel, Shea Buttah

From left to right: Front Row - Dee Dee, Mel no B, MEEE, Sanaa, C, Britt, Kleo, Niah. Back row - April, Chief Che, Bran Bran, Selena, Jé, Sadé, Chanel, Shea Buttah

If you want to change your world, change yourself

Her telling me I had too much going on was what I needed to hear out loud and to the point. I do, I did. Between massage school, training, teaching, satisfying myself & others, trying to figure out my next business moves, I literally have worn myself thin. This simple moment reminded me that it is ‘OK’ to focus on one thing. Everything else will fall into place.

2. Work from the heart

3. Focus on self, clear blockages, clear the noise - ideas will flow with ease

Simple words, yet pivotal because it makes sense. The only way to manifest exactly what you want in life is to do your inner work in order to show up for YOURSELF FIRST, then others. Blockages do exactly that ‘BLOCK’ - they block blessings, block messages, block abundance, block love, block transformation, block energy, block connection, I mean the list goes on. In those moments I knew I had blockages. The only way I can move is forward and up. It’s no way Im going back to who I used to be.

I really needed this trip more than I knew a year before. I am blessed that I was able to travel abroad solo, meet some amazing souls, share space with them and the amazing people in Indonesia and just soak up life. I literally didn’t take as many pics as I could. That’s how in the moment I was and vowed to be. Every morning at yoga we picked an intention card out a deck and every day, I promise you. My cards ALIGNED literally with my intention. Whether it was “today I will… spend time in nature.” or “today I will… surprise myself,” “today I will…. focus on myself” those are just some that I got. Like how perfectly aligned is that?? This trip was the most yoga I have practiced in MONTHSSS okkkk, it felt so good to be back in my element and in a playful spirit honestly..

2019, I told myself I was living through love
— Sanáa aka Lady Dork

I feel good, I am ready to share my love & gifts with my community, the world, my tribe. I advise everyone to travel solo, whether its a yoga retreat with a bunch of strangers or you visit that one country on your bucket list none of your friends care to go to. Don’t wait on others to live YOUR life love. I challenge you to LIVE. Don’t worry what others have to say or think about you. What matters is how you feel. You never know what hidden aura you can awaken in your spirit…. Ask yourself, “Who can I be?” Who are you really? What Impact do you want to leave?? Below, you can find one of my favorite quotes…

I started reading another new book, “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson, who is running for President 2020 btw, which is quite interesting! This is a perfect read for this transitioning phase in my life def; in chapter 2 she says “the return to love is not the end of life’s adventure, but the beginning. It’s the return to who you really are”. At the end of the day, I am a work in progress. I am complex, I am love, I am passionate. I still have my moments, but I am human and I feel. I am still looking for answers & I am open to guidance. On this journey towards full healing, I vow to be as transparent, receiving and open as possible. Walking in lovingkindness and mindfulness are on the menu. So I thank you for being patient with me on this ride. I’m only getting started babe 😏


Love & Light,