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Damn right... I'm TRIGGERED...

Chile. during yoga in the morning Sanáa had us list out all the people we loved (during meditation) and she was like “did you mention yourself first?” and I was like shittttt, I didn’t. Although, I know I LOVEEE myself. I am alwayssss putting my love for others before my love for my damn self. If I don’t love ME, how someone else going love ME?🤔?? Yea, soul searching 101 commencing…

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I refused to alter my life for others when there was no benefit for me at all. I was ready for this motivational breakthrough of some sort to appear… IDK like some dropping out the sky type shit. Or that thought that hits you out of the blue.. like BOOM. Whatever it was though, I was ready for it. Soul Searching, coming to Jesus moment.. alla dat.

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