Tierra B, (AKA YogiTB) hails from Prince Georges County, MD. She is a Healer, yoga student, freelance yoga instructor, mindfulness, health & wellness advocate. She has been practicing yoga & mindfulness since 2008. Former athlete & member of Federal Law Enforcement, Tierra has always lived an active lifestyle. She has found ways to integrate yoga into her life since she started practicing her freshman year at Penn State University.

Moving every day to motivate her students to practice self-care and build mindfulness practices. She is half of NamaSIP and creator of Flow2Glow, LLC. Tierra has been a 200hr. RYT since 2017; trained in Yoga4Trauma and Prison Yoga. YogiTB works with all types of communities from schools to professional athletes. She teaches vinyasa, yin yang, restorative, trauma based and Trap Yoga. YogiTB decided to pursue trauma yoga training in hopes of bringing it to public schools in Prince Georges County, where she grew up. While in school there were never really any outlets for students to express their experiences with traumatic events. She believes all students should have a safe space to decompress and ground their selves. Creator of ‘Yoni Chronicles’ Podcast, made by the Yoni for the Yoni and the Mens as well!

She promotes loving kindness practices & intentional actions/ways of living. Constantly motivating her students to vibrate high. Her aesthetic is positive energy & vibes just flowing. Tierra is a firm believer in your actions leave such a lasting impact on those you come into contact with. She has currently rebranded her business into: “Thee Nostalgic Co.” where she will offer a revamp on all her services & products to bring a nostalgic experience to all her clients.

be authentic, be YOU.